What is Scalanator?

Scalanator aims to be the best site to learn programming on the internet. Our primary language is Scala, a real commercial grade programming language this is seeing widening adoption across the programming community.

We plan to create course across all levels from beginner, through intermediate and transition courses (e.g. Java to Scala) to advanced and specialised courses (e.g. Play, Akka).

What makes Scalanator different?

Why do I need a Github account

The simple answer is because we trust Github to get security right. Using Github to authenticate you means that we never see your password (ever) and resets etc are managed security by them.

When you sign in for the first time you will be asked to allow Scalanator to see your public information and email address. We do not request, and will gain no access to any other information.

I am seeing a 'Unable to connect to course' error

This means that the your browser cannot connect to the server to get the lesson information. Scalanator uses a websocket for this. The most likely cause is that you have a ad blocker running and you will need to disable it for this

We have also seen problems with Safari - it does not like our web setup - we are working on it - please use Chrome or Firefox in the mean time.

Are you going to charge for the courses?

Yes, that is the plan, but we have not worked out the details yet. The fact is we want to build a real business where you are our customer and not a product. We will not put advertising on the site or sell your information to anybody else.

Our current thinking is that some portion of each course will be free (try before you buy) and then pay to gain access to the rest of the course (at a reasonable cost). We aim to build a learning experience second to none that is so good that you want to pay us for it. It may sound twee, but we want to build a sustainable company offering a useful product.

Any more questions?

Great, Email Us! (seriously we want to hear from you)